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Hi guys,
I'm trying MW right now on my DHD.

Sebastier, the admin of Wuprop has released an ARM application:,3438.msg314498.html#msg314498

Please give it a try and if working add it to your project list !

Keep the good work up !
Yes, the videos will be available 7 days on (non live)
And afterwards, I will upload them into my server or by using P2P (coupled with my server anyway)

Hi there!

As some of you may, or may not know, Sunday 20th and Monday 21st, Academia Sinica in Taipei (Taiwan) organises the Asia@home event.

Please visit the official website to get the details

At a glance, you'll have lectures such as:
- "Shakemovie@home" Li Zhao, Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica
- "The limits of volunteer computing" David Anderson, Space Science Laboratory, UC Berkeley
- "Lessons learned from running large-scale simulations on a volunteer platform" Carl Christensen, School of Earth Sciences, Stanford University
- "LHC@home and CernVM – a new approach to porting large-scale applications to BOINC" Daniel Lombrana Gonzalez, Citizen Cyberscience Centre,CERN, Geneva.
and some activities and braimstormings.

The 21st march, conferences will focus on earthquake sensing project, Quake Catcher Network, in South East Asia.

The conferences will be held in english and will start from 9am to 7pm  (UTC/GMT + 8 h) Local Time in Taiwan

And as I'm very kind  :-D , I'm going to bring my laptop, a good webcam (Logitech C910 HD) and if everything goes well, I plan to broadcast the videos in LIVE !
(So watch out the Local Time in Taiwan) CLICK HERE to see the conferences in live ![/color]

Hope you will enjoy them!

By Dudumomo from [AF>Librisites]
Do not hesitate to spread the word !